Sunday, March 17, 2013

Just started on the KAT100-1

For this year's project, I've decided to build Elecraft's companion antenna tuner for the K2, the KAT100-1. The kit arrived by UPS a few days ago, and I did a complete inventory. The kit was missing the 7 150pF 2000V capacitors, but was otherwise complete. I wrote to the parts folks on Friday, got a nice email back almost immediately, and am expecting the parts to show up in a day or so.

Here's the obligatory picture of the first installed part, C55. One thing that struck me, having built the KSB2 last year (have a look at my blog posting from just a year ago), is how roomy the KAT100-1 board is!
Here's the main board populated with almost all of the capacitors. What's left are the 7 missing capacitors. I like to follow the build order pretty strictly, so I'm now waiting for the caps to come in the mail. In the meantime, I'll probably wind a few of the inductors in my next build session.

The large number of capacitors went in really quickly. The leads for all the caps, and their corresponding holes in the main board, all had the same spacing, so no bending/forming of leads was required; this was a welcome time and effort saver.