Sunday, March 25, 2012

Almost done ...

I managed to get in some very good construction sessions in the past couple of days and have almost finished up stuffing parts into the KSB2 board. I thought I would post some pictures that folks might find useful.

Here's a view of the bottom of the board; that's where all but one of the resistors are installed. The instructions for prepping the resistor leads and installing the parts were excellent. Overall, I'm finding the KSB2 build instructions to be about the best I've seen from Elecraft so far.
Here's a close-up of the crystals, installed and grounded. Here again, the instructions for grounding the crystals were very good. I also referred back to my posting here on grounding the K2's crystals, which was still helpful.

All that remains to be installed on the KSB2 board are the two transformers and two RFCs; these are all wound and ready to go. Next following that is opening up the K2 and modifying the RF board to accept the new plug-in board.