Thursday, March 21, 2013

Resistors and capacitors and C31

The 7 missing capacitors arrived in the mail yesterday (thumbs up to Elecraft parts folks and the USPS!) and I got back to soldering last night.

The main board is now populated with all its capacitors and all its resistors (with the exception of one resistor on the bottom of the board to be inserted first the next time I fire up the soldering iron). This board sure is spacious!
The directions for inserting C31 read "Orient the flat side of the trimmer as indicated." The indication on the board was clear enough, but, judging from the shape of the part, I wasn't sure which side was the "flat side." Fortunately, Google image search came up with a recent (2010) hi-res picture of the KAT100 main board that clearly showed how C31 (same form factor) was mounted. This detail shows the result.

While waiting for the capacitors to arrive, I wound L1 to L6. It's really easy working with these large toroids and number 20 wire. I've found in this, and previous projects, that winding the toroids is one of the more enjoyable aspects of the project.