Sunday, March 24, 2013

Two sessions ... and RFC1 and D1/D2

I had two good build sessions, one yesterday and one today. This post will show two progress views and two build details that I thought were worth documenting. First, the progress views:

Here's the main board at the conclusion of yesterday's build session.
Here's the main board at the conclusion of today's build session.

Yesterday's build session encountered the only two somewhat tricky part insertions so far.

The leads to D1 and D2 need to be bent to 90° right at the body of the diode. Even bending the leads really close to the body, I was unable to get the diodes to sit totally flat again the board (although I got it pretty close).
The instructions for mounting RFC1 read "[the choke] has very fragile leads. Do not pull them." It goes on to warn again excessive soldering time. Well, RFC1's length exceeds the spacing for its mounting holes. I didn't attempt to get the part really close to the board. The picture shows my mounting solution.

Next ... two more toroids to wind, tin all the leads, and move on to mounting L1 to L8.