Friday, March 29, 2013

Doing the toroids

I have completed installing all the toroidal components. I had wound L1 to L6 while waiting for those missing capacitors to arrive at the beginning of the build. Then, I wound L7 and L8 in sequence.

Here are L1 to L8, ready for tinning and installation.
Here are L1 to L8 installed on the main board. It's worth noting that it took a lot of heat and a lot of solder and a larger tip to successfully heat-strip the #20 wire. I always like to use some very fine grit sand paper on the leads after heat-stripping and before installation.

Winding and installing RFC2 and T1 completed construction of the main board. Back to the small tip for heat-stripping the #26 wire.

Here is a detail of RFC2 installed.
Here is a detail of T1 installed. You can also get a good view of D1 and D2 as well as C31 (mentioned in an earlier post).
I wrapped up today's session by getting started on the front panel board. The next step is to install all the front panel LEDs and I want to be fresh for that.