Sunday, September 19, 2010

Middle of page 54

I've completed the section in which all the ICs are installed, along with some other odds and ends. The pile of un-installed components is noticeably smaller! Rather than post a "big picture" picture, I thought I'd post two detail shots.

Here's how the PLL stabilization modification to the RF board came out. This was apparently a design change made after the latest rev. of the RF board was frozen. It wasn't too hard to do; I must be getting more skilled at assembly!
Here's how it looks in the vicinity of that thermistor daughter board. It turned out the U6 (just to the left of the daughter board) fit in easily, and that there was still "plenty" of room to spare between the board and U6. So, I was able to bend the daughter board even more in the direction of U6, thus opening up more room to the right and actually putting a tiny bit more space between the thermistor board and C87.