Tuesday, September 7, 2010

K2 lives!

I took two deep breaths, held my breath, and then pushed the power button. I was rewarded with the sound of relays clicking, the INFO 201 message informing me that EEPROM is being initialized, followed by the initial default display you see in the picture.

I ran through all the test procedures for this initial integration test, and everything worked fine. It was really fun to plug in headphones, hear and adjust the sidetone, plug in a keyer paddle and play with the built-in keyer, etc. The LCD display and bargraph both work/look terrific (all the scary directions about the LCD installation paid off!). I built and tested the frequency counter probe. And finally, I was happy to be able to make the AGC threshold adjustment to 3.80 volts without resorting to the "AGC Level Application Note."