Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Front Panel Board - J1

Stuffed a few more parts today (R1-R5) and got U1 installed in its socket (took a fair amount of force to get it in, using thumbs on the front of the board ... it really is a good thing U1 is installed before the LCD assembly on the front!).

J1 is the 20-pin connector through which the RF board connects to the Front Panel board. It really needs to be mounted at right angles to the Front Panel board. What I did was hold J1 in temporarily with some tape and soldered only one end pin down. I then held the board and J1 in one hand, reheated the pin with the other hand, and settled J1 in flush with the board and perpendicular to it (I used a right angle on the end of a small metal ruler that I have to check). Then I soldered the other end pin, checked again, and then soldered the other 18 pins. (Oh, and I checked 4 times that I was installing it on the correct side of the board!).

Pics next time.