Thursday, March 22, 2012

Capacitors, Diodes, Resistor Networks

I've managed to put in a small number of hours over the past several days and the project is coming along, as usual, slowly but surely. I'm still checking each component's label and placement on the board two or three times before soldering, and then checking each soldered connection immediately.

Over the weekend, while waiting for the two missing parts to arrive (which they did in the morning USPS delivery on Monday), I wound T1 and T2, so they will be ready when I get there.

You can see in the picture that there were a large number of the small blue caps to be installed; fortunately, for all of them, I was able to follow the initial instruction, and didn't have to bend their leads at all.

Diode installation was no sweat. The instructions were very clear. The right side of the board is so crammed that several of the diodes were not labelled on the board at all, but were very clearly marked in the pictorial in the installation manual. The "check it twice" method caught the fact that I had initially put D4 in in the wrong direction; the cathode goes up, not to the right.

Here's what the KSB2 looks like so far. The right side is crowded. The holes for the cathodes of the two diodes at the extreme right side of the board are actually right at the edge of the board.

Transistors next ...