Saturday, December 18, 2010


I stuffed most of the resistors and was getting a start on the RFCs. I fiddled with the leads for RFC9, trying to get it to sit flush against the board, long enough to succeed in breaking off one of the leads. It was then that I had a look at the e-mail reflector, did a search on "KPA100 RFC9", and immediately got a hit. Someone was wondering about the same thing and was referred to this document. Well, I wish a reference to this document was included in the KPA100 instructions. It seems that a number of years ago Elecraft stopped using sub-miniature RFCs in favor of miniature RFCs; however, the hole spacing on the KPA100 board fit the sub-miniature parts.

The document illustrated how best to form the RFC's leads, which I was able to do for the rest of the sub-miniature parts with no difficulty. You can see it best in RFC7. Well, on Monday, I'll go over to You-Do-It and see if I can find a replacement for RFC9; otherwise, I'll need to write to Elecraft.

One other construction note: I stuffed D1 to D8 on the bottom of the board, but the instructions did not say whether these are to be soldered on the bottom or top of the board. I looked back at the few bottom-mounted parts I had previously stuffed and, in each case, the instructions were explicit about soldering on the top. Since nothing was said here, I decided to assume that this meant "solder on the bottom", which I did.