Friday, December 17, 2010

Getting The KPA100 Underway

My plan was to start work on the KPA100 (Elecraft's 100 watt power amplifier enhancement for the K2) in December and the kit arrived via UPS this past Tuesday. I had kept all the little envelopes and ziplock bags from the K2 kit and decided to sort out all the KPA100 parts while doing the inventory. You can see the result in today's picture.

There aren't many resistors in this kit, but there are loads of capacitors. They are sorted out in the middle tray in the back, with the small lots in the envelopes to the right. As you can see in the right foreground, there will be quite a few inductors to be wound. All the relays, hardware (nuts, screws, washers, etc.), wire, speaker, fan, and so forth, are sorted out into ziplock bags and are back in the box, awaiting their turn.