Sunday, December 26, 2010

Lots of KPA100 Capacitors

Having finally gotten through the large number of capacitors to be stuffed on page 17, I thought it was time for a posting with some pictures.

Man, there are a lot of capacitors in this project! Most of it was pretty straightforward, with some exceptions. C26 (a 33pf disc ceramic) lead spacing was wider than the spacing on the board and it was difficult getting the leads bent (and I was worried about breaking them, post-RFC9). Also, a little worried about space for all the inductors amid the forest of 1KV capacitors in the filter area.
There's quite a bit of detailed instructions on p. 15 about stuffing the .01 uf .1" lead spacing capacitors on the bottom of the board. The recommendation was to "remove any U-shaped bends" to ensure that the top of the capacitors are less than 3/16" off the board. Well, I think the bends are necessary to get the hole spacing right, so I left them alone. The caps are small enough so that they fit within 3/16"; see the photo.

The other instruction for the bottom-mounted capacitors concerned minimizing the amount solder used on the top of the board for these caps. This was necessary because the top-mounted relays all sit directly on top of the solder pads and have a very small, but consistent, clearance above the board. This was easy to do, and there were no problems later on with stuffing the relays.

Finally, I was unable to get RFC9 locally. I wrote to Elecraft's part line this past Monday, and had the replacement RFC in hand in Thursday morning's mail(!). Another great job by Elecraft staff and, for a change, by the USPS.

Taking a break from part-stuffing and am winding inductors, so they will be ready to stuff when I get there in the instructions.