Monday, October 18, 2010


I ordered the N-gen kit last Thursday and it arrived in USPS mail today. It was a very simple kit, with very few parts. I guess I still don't understand Elecraft's pricing on this (a tiny fraction of the parts in the K2 at about 8% of the cost), but it was fun to put together and will be a nice tool in my shack.

Here's the N-gen, ready for running through the filter alignment procedure.
Here's a hi-res closeup of the completed N-gen. The MAR-1 was the only component that I had to puzzle over, but finally decided to install it using the SMT technique I used when I built my PSK-20 last year, i.e., I put some solder on each pad first, placed the part, then soldered down one lead, then gronched down and soldered the rest.

The next step will be to align all the filters using Spectrogram and the very detailed procedure described in this document at N0SS's web site.