Friday, October 1, 2010

Integration Test 2

I completed RF Board Assembly, Part II. More on that in a moment but first some pics of recent interesting construction:

Here is the engineering change that added D40 and D41, connected on the bottom of the board to pins 3 and 4 of T7. I soldered the leads from the "top" diode to the leads of the "bottom" diode and then only had to deal with the bottom diodes leads to actually solder to the bottom of the board. It took a while to get the leads shaped appropriately.
Here's L33. For a change, I looked at the e-mail reflectors before I started working on this component. Helpful hints were (a) that R116 was only there to hold L33 down and (b) that tweezers were the right tool for forming L33's leads around R116's leads. I just used a little pair of scissors to trim off L33's excess leads after soldering. And you can see the SMTB1 daughter board installed in D36's pads in the upper left corner.
And here is the K2 assembled and ready for Integration Test 2.

I didn't wait an extra day this time; I plugged the K2 in and turned it on as soon as I was done with assembly (actually, did take a break to eat some lunch). I'm very happy to report that all tests and alignment procedures were well within spec and totally successful. I've spent the past day happily listening to CW and SSB on 40 meters, tweaking set up parameters, tweaking filters, and getting to know the rig. I'm planning to take another couple of days off and then get back to construction.

Happy days!