Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Control board almost finished

As you can see, construction of the control board is just about completed. All top-side components have been installed, with today's stuffing of all the integrated circuits. What remains to be installed are 2 capacitors on the bottom of the board, which are a circuit essentially added to the board design to provide improved keying shaping; but I ran out of steam to do that task this evening.

The other thing that held me up today was the pictorial of the underside of the board where these two capacitors are to be installed. If you have a look at the top right corner of the board, you can see the resistor network RP2 installed in its rectangular outline on the board. Just to the left is a round solder pad with the ambiguous marking "1". The pictorial of the underside of the board implies that that is where RP2's pin 1 should go. I think the marking on top of the board is most likely correct and the pictorial probably represents some older rev. of the board, but I wrote to Elecraft for clarification.